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He said he found the wire by the oil filter. The oil pressure sender is connected at the same place as the oil filter, on the oil filter housing. If you take the oil filter off you can see it a lot better and plug it in. It's pretty tight back there.

B5 Oil pressure sensor At base of oil filter housing 237-6

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Thank you for the reply, I am assuming this could be a different coolant temperature sensor (perhaps for the fuel injection system?), as the gauge on the cluster seems to work fine.
Where would this sensor be located on the motor?
The last sensor - closest to the firewall is the one for the computer. It will have a couple of pins so not that one. B11/2 Coolant temperature sensor (EZL/CIS-E, LH)(4-pole) Top rear of cylinder head (6 cylinder)230-3

As far as rough idle, what have you done in terms of tune up items lately? Coil, plug wires, rotor, distributor cap, plugs...

When do you feel the rough idle, sometimes idle if fine but vibration is due to motor mounts, trans mount.

Are you seeing the rpm's fluctuate or does it idle as stay at the same rpm?.

How about the duty cycle, will it fluctuate? Check duty cycle with multi-meter connected to pin 2 and 3 of diagnostic connector on left firewall, if it fluctuates rapidly then computer is making corrections and O2 sensor is working at least some. X11 Diagnostic socket/terminal block (circuit TD) On left inner fender 234-5

The idle control valve can be removed and cleaned and you can check for vacuum leaks which could also lead to your problem area. AKA - Y6 Idle speed air valve Top left front of engine, left of engine oil dipstick 231-6
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