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Nick Jamal
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I'm guessing that Justin is referring to spring pads. MB doesn't make sport vs. non-sport pads - they don't perform a dynamic function. If you switch from for example a 20mm pad to a 12mm pad, you should see a difference in ride height of about 16mm (20-12=8mm, 8mm x 2 due to spring placement in suspension = 16mm). Find out what pad thickness you have on your car now. If you are going to install Eibachs, as I recall from a previous post, wait until then to install thinner pads, also the thinnest pads may throw out your alignment too much or give you clearance problems with wider tires, as happened on my 124. I had to switch back to thicker pads. If you are sticking with the stock springs then you should have no problems installing the thinnest pads available for your vehicle, or, apparently, no pads at all! I have read that this can be done safely several times in this forum.
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