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A Little Help with Front Suspension-w110

I lowered the front subframe to replace the subframe mounts after removing the brackets that hold the torsion bar and then the leaf springs themselves. After replacing the mounts, the holes in the leaf spring are way out of alignment to the mounting bolts for the bracket and leaf spring (at least one inch to the rear). Should I just loosen the rear engine mount carrier bracket and hoist the subframe forward to align the holes to the bolts (the eccentrics are pretty much already to the rear as far as they will go)? Any other techniques? The body is sitting on a lift and the subframe is on jack stands. The mounts are left loose although there isn't a lot of play. I've left weight on the subframe for a couple of days to let the mounts settle. Still way out of alignment.

I'm kinda sorry I did this job now as the mounts were only half-collapsed and the car tracked well. Now I'm probably looking at an alignment as the caster is most likely compromised. Any down and dirty way to set the caster without going to an alignment shop?
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