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190 E cold start/high idle problems

I recently purchased a 1990, 190 E 2.6 that was hard to start when cold, but ran well and re-started easily when warm. A repair shop told me the cold start problem was in the fuel distributor, and that a new one cost $3,000. I subsequently found a tech note on the web which said that almost all cold start problems are caused by the overvolt relay. I checked mine. Sure enough, the 10 amp fuze on top of the relay was blown, and when replaced the engine started easily. However, now when warm the engine won't idle., and races at about 2000 rpm with attendant neck jerk problems when you put it in gear. If I remove the fuze from the Overvolt relay while the engine is running, it settles down and idles at around 600-700 rpm. I originally thought the problem must be a bad overvolt relay, but after reading several threads in your forum, it appears that the problem may be in some other component that the relay feeds. Where do I start to look? P.S. Another fact that may be important: The auxilliary radiator fan runs constantly, and I assume the cause is a bad temp. sensor. Does this same sensor send info to the fuel system, which tells that system to up the idle?

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