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Question 92-300 ce won't rev over 4500 rpm

Hi all,
I have a problem with my girlfriends '92 300 CE with 124k km's on the clock,actually,it's a couple of things that are not normal:
-It won't rev more than 4500 rpm,after that it feels like a governor kicks in (engine cut's out,hesitates).
-I have to start it with the trottle pushed in half way,without it fires and dies instantly.
-Bad fuel economy,can't tell exactly the MPG but it's using a lot of gas.

At first I suspected the OVP-relay,replaced it with another from a 500 SEC,but problems stayed.Then I replaced the fuel-pump relay(after I fried it while measuring power on the 2 fuel pumps underneath) for a new one,still the same symptoms.
Also I checked the sparkplugs,they were ok,and the distributor and rotor,ok too.

I asked 2 local Mercedes mechanics what they think that could be the problem,but they don't have a clue,other than to check the above mensioned parts.
Could it be the fuel filter? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for helping me with this problem.

The Netherlands.
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