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Johnson Chan
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I beleive it was around earlier this year, if you do a search on the forum you should find a few threads on it.

Bascially MB said that the name is decieving and makes it sound like its a mercedes authroized repair shop or some bull***** and wanted to shut it down.

In my honest opinion, i think that mb is pissed because we owners and technicans are getting together and figuring out whats wrong with the cars and there service department is losing business over it. and there parts department is losing revenue cause mbshop sells parts cheaper. One or two people doesnt make a differnce but when you have thousands of us, think of the potential revenue they lost.

Thats just what I think, because i do NOT think that the name is deciving or imply an authorized service center.

Is this how the company expect to reward its customers? by shutting down the number 1 technical mb site on the internet?
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