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Here's a few pictures of the car from my first post.
Sorry, no pictures of the repair. My significant other would kill me if I got grease on our camera. Need to buy a shop camera.

The finny is back on the road and thankfully the tracking is as perfect as it was before dropping the subframe. The vibration I had around 60mph is gone. I believe the collapsed transmission mount was causing the flex disc to distort and wobble. New carrier bushing rubber and bearing also helped, I'm sure. I also aligned the rear axle using a jig I made out of copper tubing after replacing the cross brace rubber and trailing arm bushings. Rebuilt calipers and new hoses all round.

I have to say that the finny rides better than the w123. And that's saying something for a 45 year old car.

The last problem I need to solve is some stubborn grease pivots in the front suspension. I can't get three of them to accept grease. I've tried heat and also a tool I bought that drives penetrating oil into the joint. Anyone have any ideas? The joints are still tight and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm hoping I don't have to dissemble the joints to clean them out.
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