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Ken Downing
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Need Help Finding Codes for 92 300 CE (California)

I picked up a nice, very clean 92 300 CE for my wife to replace her 78 300 CD... It has a few problems but I am sorting them out... However the Codes for the Check Engine Ect. are kind of hard to come by..

I have the Factory CD.. Can not seem to find them there..

I called Mercedes twice.. Talked to two different reps. They do not sell them any more.. Or I Do not understand what I am looking for..

Called Baum.. They do not have any thing with the California codes except with a tester.. Big bucks..

Both places said to try a Mercedes dealer and see if they would give me the codes... Made a call.. They said they do not have the codes and just get a read out.. And if the check engine light comes on to load the car on a truck and have it hauled there because it will ruin the engine... Ya right.. Will hop right on that...

I have done a search and came up with some different codes.. However have no idea if they are the same as a California Car.. I also found lots of different terms used for the Book that has the codes.. So have no idea whitch is right... So having a hard time trying to explain whitch manual it is..

Can any one help me???

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