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Getting ready to paint the calipers on my 1986 2.3-16V. I did paint the calipers on my 1984 190E with great success. I used Rustoleum (brush on, not spray), and cleaned the calipers really well with solvent and wire brush. The painted finish was very smooth and easy to clean. The trick is to NOT let the brake dust build up. If nothing else, wash just the wheels and calipers once every couple of weeks. One thing I can't stand is to see any nice car with "brake-dusty" wheels. Kinda like seeing a gentleman in a business suit wearing raggedy dress shoes

* 1986 190E 2.3-16V
* Pearl Black
* 16" AMG rims; Pearl Black and polished
* White-faced gauges
* K&N air filter
* Euro headlights, clear blinkers, smoked taillights
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