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Sorry about the 190, but...

...every post 1960's "Stang" I've ever been in rattles and squeaks worse than my K car dodge ever did. There's more cheap, hard plastic crap in that interior than a lego play set, except that the lego play sets stay together longer.

Too bad, really, because I really like the way the Mustang handles and drives, and who can complain about the acceleration? Still, to compare luxury vs. sports cars is truly apples to oranges.

You should test drive a Porsche (even one the same age as your "stang") and tell me the quality is equal. You know the truth is they are not. Germans design things that CAN be repaired when needed, versus the Bic disposable mentality of many American manufacturers (Dodge being worse than most, IMOHO).

I don't want to start a flame war, but let's remember this is an MB forum, after all.

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