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'88 300E stalling out...

1. I have an 88 300E that has been stalling out while slowing down. This has typically happened after driving at 65-70mph, then slowing to 15mph to pass thru toll booths. The tach drops to ~500rpm then the car stalls. Sometimes, the tach will stay at ~700rpm and it's fine. This is intermittent. Occasionally in city traffic, I'll notice the idle dropping to ~500, I'll tap the throttle in neutral, and it'll settle back at ~700.

2. My right turn signal flashes the exterior lamp failure light as well, ONLY when the headlights are on. I've replaced all the bulbs, all seem to work. I've swapped left and right bulbs, front and rear and the problem remains only when signalling right turns.

Any help would be appreciated!
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