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Thank you for confirming that the Overvoltage Relay seems to be working properly. Before I ask you what the other inputs are and how to check them, I need to add new information. Last night I checked the throttle linkage, and noticed that the linkage wasn't fully closing the deceleration shutoff microswitch (the one with the mini roller arm). The problem appears to be linkage corrosion and a throttle cable fitting that is broken where it screws into the L bracket. When I apply presure to the linkage with my finger, the engine idles down were it should be. I WD-40'd the linkage and added a small, weak spring to make it work until I can replace the throttle cable. The car now (1) starts easily when cold, and (2) idles properly when warmed up. I may have been looking for a high tech solution to what is basically a low-tech mechanical problem. My only concern is this: if there is nothing wrong in the electrical circuitry, why does the engine slow down and idle correctly--without any spring or finger pressure on the throttle linkage--when I pull the fuze out of the Overvoltage relay? Is my "spring fix" improperly overriding some electrial circuitry that should be checked out? Also, I'd like to know how to adress the problem of the aux. fan running at full speed all the time. Now that the engine is quite, the noize from the fan is driving me nuts. Thanks again for your help!!
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