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Haunted Headrest - 300E

Alright, my passenger side front headrest (power seats) appears to have a mind of its own. It keeps going up on its own.

I usually keep the headrest fully lowered. Every now and again for some reason, it will extend itself upwards a few inches. Sometimes as little as an inch, other times it will extend to its full height. It never lowers itself, only extends itself. There doesn't appear to be any pattern as to when this happens. While it has been quite amusing to watch my various passengers jump out of their seats when the headrest suddenly moves up on them, I am quickly tiring of this little jest on my car's part.

The switch on the door works OK, it will lower it once again after it raises itself up. Once it has been lowered, it will generally stay lowered for a little while until it climbs back up again. (I swear it does this when it thinks I'm not looking...)

Any ideas? G-Benz - could this be that retaining piece you mentioned in a prior post when you replaced yours? Or is it a faulty switch? Thanks!
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