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No dust shields on the car, and I generally run it through the car wash twice a month. Prior to the wash, I spray rim cleaner on and scrub a bit with a brush. Because of this "prewashing" of the rims, the car sits still for 2-3 minutes, with another minute or two lined up to get into the wash.

Assuming I'm not hitting the brakes hard for a few minutes before the wash, I'm only applying the brakes once or twice in the last five minutes before the wash. . could this still be causing them to warp?? I've never warped rotors before and have driven cars with much thinner and cheaper rotors (I've driven the worst of them all.. '85 and '87 T-Bird, notorious for warped rotors but never experienced it. '85 Sunbird, '90 Geo Storm with paper-thin rotors, etc.)

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