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Thanks for all the info. I did change the oil just before going on a weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN. I switched to 20w50 and the ticking is still there like it was with the 10w30 & 40. It is no better and no worse. But, the oil consumption is much better so far. The trip was about 400 miles and the light flickered one time when we were almost home. I let the car sit overnight and checked the oil level the next morning and it was still up to almost the max level. Normally, I would have had to add about 1/2 to a quart on this long of a trip. I have checked the valve cover gaskets and they have been replace not too long ago and still look pliable and good. The car seems to run as good if not better than it did with the thinner oil. It does concern me that there might be more wear on the thicker oil because the oil can not get in all the spots it normally would with the thinner. Thanks.
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