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Take the Mono Wiper "Head" apart and "See"

"It's either electrical (switch, relay, fuse, wiring) or mechanical gears."
With a DMM check that there's power to the wiper motor from the above.
(The Multi-Function Switch has been known to Go South.)

Then ,if no joy,have at the MW itself.

It's either the Gearing,Lever Arms or the Motor itself.

The fact that you "Heard" the Motor running without any movement points
towards the Electrical or Gearing.

This will get your Mono Wiper off the Windshield:

PeachPartsWiki: Blower Motor Removal

Then you follow the FSM on removing the screws
(Underneath the Head) which secure the head to the Apparatus.

How to grease 300E wiper gearbox


Notes for DIY - W124 monowiper/ACC blower access

The Original Gear is just "Plastico" and the "ODO GEARS" stuff is MUCH more
durable.Plus he guarantees the new gear forever.
'84 300SD sold

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