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Hi Zeus I've seen more than a few strange electrical problems over the years caused by shorted and/or worn through wires. Open the R/F door and you'll see a flexible rubber duct between the lower A-pillar and the door skin. All the wires into the door are in here( central locking, alarm, power window, entry lights, seat switch, etc ). If the wire for raising the headrest shorted to another wire this could cause your problem. In the past I've seen alarm problems as well as erratic entry lights caused by this. One way to check without taking anything apart is to swing the door open and closed while watching the headrest. If this is inconclusive at least unclip the wire duct and take a look at the wires before you roll the dice and try a seat switch. My bet is that more than one wire is kinked to the point of splitting the insulation. The wires usually split at the same point so it's easy to see how the short circuit could occur. Good luck
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