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84/380sl timing chaim 99k

hey guys

another t-chain q

think i found a decent mechanic near me - in bus. many yrs

took the car in for oil change and break pad check

wanted to check out the shop / seems aok

first words out of the mechanics mouth aft saying the car is a keeper / its a good time to change the T chain

was told at about 100k its a good time to change the timing chain / rails and quides - the job would be @ $ 700

would also fix anything else as needed

heres the thing / i was concerned about the timing chain simply from what i have read here, and was looking for a shop to do the job anyway- in case of.

think i found one


i have owned the car for a few mos. / doesn t seem to need anything / winter is setting in / i don t plan on driving the car in foul weather / now would be the right time for such a job /
the money isn t the issue - was prepared for this when i bought the car / creating problems is the concern

i don t want to start problems by changing the T chain etc. and opening the belly of the beast, so to speak

one other thing - where do you get the degree stretch no. from?
how does one find out the chain has stretched?

would like input from from the more experienced, please

thanks in advance
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