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M116 removal from 82 380SL

I am working my way towards removing the engine from my '82 380SL. The factory manual says that the engine and transmission should be removed as a unit. I am wondering why? The only thing I can think of is the possible lack of clearance between the front of the engine and the air conditioning condensor.

While the engine hoist I will be using could handle the weight I'm wondering if it might be easier overall to remove the transmission first and then remove the engine? I have a transmission jack to make the transmission removal a little easier. I also have one of those devices that attaches to the hoist that is able to be adjusted to various angles to tip the engine while removing.

So remove the engine alone (assuming the clearance is sufficient)? Remove the transmission and then the engine? Or go with the book and extract the engine and transmission as a unit? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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