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Unhappy Thermostat change turned out wrong!

I did change my thermostat earlier today. The success of it was limited

First after removing the old thermostat and putting the new one in there I did notice that the rubber seal is not similar to the former one. Since the old one was rather used it broke and crack when I removed it. So it wasn't an option to use that. The rubber o-ring Whaler did supply with the thermostat was another type of ring. This was designed to be put around the thermostat itself(old one was installed with rubber ring between thermostat and plastic cap. I did try to install it with the seal around the thermostat but the thermostat housing was to small for that.So I ended up cutting it in two halves to get a rubber o'ring that could be placed in the same way as the former one was.

Have anyone experience same problem with whaler thermostats? I will try to contact the part shop tomorrow so I can get the right o-ring.

Then when I was putting things together I notice the threads in one of the thermostat housing is in very bad condition. I'm now considering changing the whole housing in the same run. I did already take it for a test drive and it doesn't leak but it bothers me when I know about it.

Maintainance like this sucks.
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