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Didn't fit on my 300E. The valve body hit the pan casting before it was tight. This is because the drain hole is somewhat recessed on the 300E. I played with the idea of grinding the pan, but it looked like I would have had to grind off a bit more aluminum than I felt comfortable doing, not knowing what the inside of the pan looks like. The answer would be to use some sort of adapter bushing to extend things out. This would be no big deal except that metric plumbing bits are a pain to track down in the states. Anyways, I gave up, but may still figure the adapter out later.

That said, I love the valve itself, and use them on my other cars and my boat. It's a well-constructed ball valve with a nice positive stop in the closed position. It also has a serious silicone seal. I lose no sleep at all thinking they might leak.

Best of luck.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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