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EGR Low Flow - speedometer cable length

Hey all, I've got the EGR low flow code on my 96 C280 and I had an indie shop supposedly clean the EGR tube that needs cleaned noted in the DIY section here, they said they did it but I have doubts that it was done right. They had never done it before when I mentioned it to them. Like everything else almost, if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. I have replaced the EGR valve, replaced the switch-over valve, put in new vacuum lines and would like to know how long a piece of speedometer cable I will need to run through the tube to clean it myself, as I am still getting the EGR low flow code and CE light, which is bugging me to death. The shop is saying, possible wiring harness, but I donít want them guessing at it until I know itís not something simple. So, if someone knows the tube is 20" or 30" or whatever please let me know how long a piece I will need to make sure itís cleaned all the way through. I doubt itís the wiring harness, because its not random, it always comes on at a stop light just after pressing the brake.

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