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1987 300D Vacuum pump oil leakage

Just to complete the story. Ordered new vacuum pump from Fastlane, including gasket $260.00 (From MB quote $595.00 with gasket and Performance Products $323.00 with gasket.) Intestingly the new pump comes with its own gasket. They suggest you remove basket (Metal cage behind pump) and discard. Their gasket has a oil dam which I decided not to use. Instead I left basket in place and used gasket I purchased. I don't think either way is very important. Before you connect up vacuum line you need to start engine and pour in small quanity of new engine oil into pump through vacuum line connection. Then stop engine (use manual lever on pump) and reconnect vacuum line.

(By the way you need to remove cooling fan and serpentine belt to remove pump. I don't have radiator guard in place any more so not a big deal, but with gaurd in place it is a pain in the arse because you don't have enough room to get to fan bolts)

Anyway long story short. No more oil leaks and I'm very pleased with myself. Thank you everyone for your help. Especially Phil at Fastlane. Ordered part at 4.15 PM it was here in Michigan for $9.00 the next morning.
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