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I called Paul at Puma today and he sold me a pair of those fill panels to fit the Euro wiper hole. They are primed black, which is the color of my wagon, so that should work out well. As for mounting the wipers, I think I'll follow Mike's idea and use the perforated strap, since new Euro motors, arms, and blades will likely be too steep for my budget right now. I would like to keep the wipers if I can - not that I think they really do much, but I want to keep the car looking as orginal as possible.
I'll post a picture of my wagon with its new Euro Lights soon after I install them, which should be in a couple of weeks. I'm sticking with the amber side markers for now, since the 500e euro's didn't come with new clear side markers, (or any for that matter). If I have any install questions, I know where to come for answers, but since you all have given me such great informative links and leads to past posts, I should be okay. Later, Bob.
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