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Steve and Benzmac,
I think the majority of the members tahnk you for your technical advice and guidance. Steve brings up some very good points about the level of knowledge and detail in any free public forum, especially when the true technical experts are sharing their limited time.

I have mentioned this to Benzmac in e-mail, but I will say it again, I have made a personal commitment to comment on personal safety for posts that I make. As an example, one member was going to do an transmission oil change and I jumped in with my usual advice about jackstands, chocks, and another person nearby to help in an emergency. If I read his reply correctly, he asked if four, two ton floor jacks would do the trick! Several other readers jumped in to help this person on what jackstands were.

Moral of the story, many people gamble with technical advice and safety, others are uneducated, and others have a good foundation. After several months of reading this BB, it does not take too long to figure out who has a pretty good idea of how MB's work, and all other advice should be treated with caution. For first timers, every aspect can not be covered, and what is obvious to a tenured mechanic, may not be obvious to a DIY'er. But that is what makes it fun, and why it is so helpful to have so many different opinions!

Thanks to all members who contibute questions and answers!

Your unofficial safety Rep,

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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