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This is really a continuation of a tread I posted last weekend when I was asking if I fried my fuel pump relay or fuel pump because I was an idiot. The 300SEL would not start because I hit the fuel pump electronic connectors. I knew my problem and wanted to try the easy fix first, the relay.

I searched as best I could about the relay and thought that I would have found more on the combination MAS and fuel pump situation. If I would have found this out I would have swaped the MAS to see if the problem was under the hood and not the pump. I knew that the MAS unit was the same for both cars.

SIDE BAR: As it turns out I have an extra MAS from my 300E because I thought that the MAS relay in the 300E was causing my AC to not work. As it turns out that was not the problem so I am going to plug that MAS relay into the 300SEL, forget the $70 core charge on the new MAS I bought recently and probably be on my way. I did not return the MAS figuring sorry no return on electronic parts. I will wait till next summer to figure out the AC situation in the 300E...cause its getting cold in Kansas City.
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