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I like mine!

I'd suggest a few things. The first is to have a valve cover removed to see if there is any sludge build up. If there is sludge, donít buy it. The second is to have the timing chain & rails replaced, provided it hasnít already been done. The mileage is close to a major tune up. Brakes are probably also about due. It might need a wire harness. See if you can negotiate some of this. Even if you canít, providing, of course it is in good shape, I know you will enjoy it and consider it a very good value. The 400e is a lot like the 300e but a little more so. It goes and stops faster, is a little quieter, and while it corners well, it is not quite the same feel as the 300e. There is a nice write up on the 400e on this site, under the Cars tab on the top of the display. Once you get settled, definitely go for the sway bars out of the 500e and you will find the car a delight.


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