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My E-Class Bible says:

M104 Hesitates, cuts out or is difficult to start.

Possible cause, suggested repair-
a) KLIMA circuitry defective due to moisture/corrosion

b) Defective tach. Disconnect tach to check.

c) Ign spark jumps to grnd inside caps(s). Check for burn marks.

d) Loose eng coolant temp sensor connector. replace.

e) Faulty eng managment grnd connections. trace and repair.

f) Loose connections on CIS-E harness. check and repair. if harness checks ok, CIS-E contol module.

g) Loose fuel pmp gnd connection in trunk. check and repair.

You'll have to decide if this described problem is close to your problem.

BTW, that's probably the fuel accumulator next to the fuel filter and 2 pumps.

Also, like John, I'd suggest you replace those fuses with NEW fuses...even if they look good.
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