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I was having a simular problem with my 300TE. It would die as if the fuel just shut off. In my particular case, it was the idle speed control valve located just under the air cleaner housing. There is a valve inside that controls air mixture (I believe). The valve rotates with a pivot point located on the outside of the housing. I tested it by taking it off and applying current where the plug connects to. The valve should open when current is applied and close immediately when current is removed. Mine didn't close right a way when the current was removed and I noticed the pivot point had some rust on it. I put some WD40 on the pivot point and let it set overnight and the next day activated the valve with current several times and the valve inside reacted as it should. I put the idle control valve back in the car and it hasn't stalled since and idles beautifully. It's been 3 months. Hope this helps!
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