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Hi All,
Regarding my cold idle problem, I have watched it some more, but had not time to innvestigate further. What I found is:
1. If I crank and am ready to press the pedal right after the
engine starts (which is 1-2secs) as well as I keep cranking for another second or two, then I can keep the engine running.
After just a few seconds, if I release the accel. pedal the idle speed seems to be OK!

2. If now I put it in drive I may stall it, but wainting maybe a minute will allow the engine to sufficiently warm up (?) so that
the extra load when in Drive will not stall it (it will reduce the idle by a few hundred RPMs).

So I am thinking of to look for (1) a component that only affects the idle right after start for a short time and (2) the switch that
tells the ISC that drive is engaged -- does anyone know where this switch may be located?

PS: Thanks for the suggestion for the air-flow meter. Indeed, I
did not check it in-circuit, I only measured what I thought would be the potentiometer wiper's output. My mechanic did check it
while the sensor was "live", so he must be right!
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