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Angry Need Some 126 Help!

Is there anyone knowledgable about the lower "skirt" panel on a 126? To be more specific and to go into detail of my delimma: Last night while making a right turn onto a side street, an iron thingy that is SUPPOSED to surround a manhole cover and curb end, was pertruding onto the street and my lower panel from just under the passenger rear back to the panel for my jack hole (which was also ripped out) tore a piece out and I need to replace it. I am going to try to get the city to pay for this because NO ONE can see this and when I backed up to look for my jack hole cover I also tried to move this thing back onto the curb where it belongs but it seems like its permanent (its been there soooo long I guess)!

So now I need to find another whole lower side (the part where a side skirt would go) for the entire right side. Is this an easy DIY replacement ( I haven't jacked it up to look for bolts,etc yet) or does this require a shop to do? Also is anyone familiar with where I'd get this part ( especially the right grey color match)? This has pissed me off but I won't give up on her and she'll be back in tip top shape asap if I can help it.

By the way, this is an '86 560 SEL (diamond blue/grey lower panels). Thanks in advance.

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