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As a former 1994 Volvo 850 Turbo and a few Hondas still in the stable, I have a good idea of what you are used to.
Do not expect the acceleration of the Volvo on the type of Mercedes you are looking for. And don't expect the fun factor and the reliability of the Honda on these cars neither.
I have an old faithfull W124 which I drive almost everyday. These cars are as solid as a rock (better than the Volvo) on highway, are great cruiser although quite slow in initial acceleration. Very comfortable for long rides. Reliability can sometimes be somewhat of a problem but with regular maintenance, it will last almost forever. Mine has only 240K (just out of the breaking-in period) and is still running strong with no real major problem (i.e. expenses) since I bought it in 1992. replacement parts are not more expensive than on the Volvo.
When I purchased my Volvo in 1994, I though it was one if best car on the market. It is, but in my mind, a 1994 E320 is in a different league.Good luck
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