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Question buying 1992 400SE

Hello everyone...I havent posted recently because I havent had problems with either of my two Mercedes!!!! I am posting to see if you have any thoughts on this big body Benz? I am getting it at a really good price, and it only has 81K original miles. Im trading in my C class, because I have really outgrown it. I have need for a bigger sedan now, and this car is perfect. Im picking it up in Houston this weekend, and bought it without even looking at it. It has a few things wrong with it:
1) Said the AC went out the other day for a few minutes....but came back on by itself. In other words, it started to blow room temp air. owner said he thinks it could be a fuse...Is this possible? Or are there know AC problems with this model?
2) Leather stitching on drivers seat coming undone(about one inch), this isnt a biggie, I know a guy that will restitch(sp) it for me for around 30 dollars.
3) 4 small tree sap stains on the hood. Any body have suggestions on these?
4) small scratches on front passenger bumper. Not noticeable until you are close...according to him. This isnt a big deal either, as I can get some touch up paint.
5) The glove compartment doesnt close. Said its either the latch, or the button thats broken. I had a Volvo that had the same problem, and I dont think it will be a large amount to fix.

Thats it...He said if there was anything else wrong with it, I wouldnt have to take it, and we could call the deal off. Im buying it for $10,500, and other than the AC problem, Im feeling good about the deal. Please share any ideas or suggestions....or warnings...which probably wont matter...I have been dreaming of getting this car for quite some time....and at this price, I cant pass it up...
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