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Mike Cronin
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Unhappy W140 95 S500 Sludge Problem Advice

I have a 1995 S500 with 200K mikes. The car began going into "limp mode". The dealer advised that this was due to sludge in the oil clogging up the oil pump and slowing it down. This slow down, in turn, impacted the timing and caused the car to enter the "limp mode."

The service advisor's advice was to get rid of the car ASAP. I thought it was interesting that the tech working on the car offered to buy the car from me and give me a "good deal" on it.

I took it to an independent merdedes mechanic and he stated his solution was a rebuild of the engine (can you say $$$$$). He seemed to believe that this was the only option available.

Am I crazy in thinking that maybe using a product like the Lubro Molly MotorClean to remove sludge inside the engine, removing the oil pan and header covers and cleaning everthing within reach without a rebuild might work?

Any thoughts, experiences or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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