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I think thats very cool that your slowly modding your 400E. Im doing the same, one part at a time. I priced some wheels via the tirerack. 17 x 7.5" AMG monoblock II (C36 style) with 215-45 Bridgestone pole position SO2's (best tire period) and it came out around $1,500 with shipping. Im sure you can find a used set cheaper, but ive had bad luck in the past with slightly bent rims. I dont want to take no chances, want her to cruise nice and smooth on the freeway.

I found an AMG replica body kit from a company called NRauto for 1300 or 1500 w/the factory bosch fogs. Its high strength plastic and not fiberglass like alot fo aftermarket kits. Im thinking about getting it. I dont think I would mold the ducktail lip on the rear end though.

Albert, when you installed your rear AMG valence, where you able to attach the factory chrome strip to it? I want to keep all my chrome in tact. I also am set on getting Eibach springs with Bilstein sports and maybe a #3 or #4 pad all around. I want it to be lowered, but not "slammed". My main goal for suspension mods is to make it handle alot better and dramtically reduce body roll in hard turns. I also want to purchase 500E Ecode Euro lights. They are priced at $475 from a place called Puma. Kinda pricey, but I do alot of night driving, and from what I hear, these things kick ass.

I got my meter at radio shack for 10 bucks, it was on sale. And yes, it is the kind with the sweeping needle.

Brian, I can call you later or in the week or you can call me, doesnt matter. When are you coming to Syracuse again?

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