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420 - I agree with you. It may not be as easy as going to a local hardware store. Let me clarify - there are stores that all they sell are fasteners. I guess I take for granted some stuff that others may not know. Anyway, I am lucky in the fact that right around the corner from where I work is a place called "Industrial Fasteners". All they sell are nuts, bolts, washers, allthread and locktite. The only MB fasteners I have not been able to purchase from them is the countersunk allen head bolt that secures the top of the rear strut on the 300TD and the head bolts for any of the MB's. I would suggest to everyone that is a diyer to search out the local fastener supply store in their town - and it ain't gonna be the Lowe's or Home Depot. Also, these type businesses usually sell in bulk 100's and 1000's of fasteners and if you develop a "relationship" with them they will just give you one or two fasteners as you need them. That is how it works with me but on occasion at work I do purchase large quantities from them.
Thanks for the clarification and heads up.
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