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Thanks for the input. I adored my Volvo until I started having what I considered un-Volvo-like problems. Besides the turbo (expected) I had a sudden fuel pump failure, the park/neutral position switch problem in the trans, a bad radiator and the big one, a burned exhaust valve at 125k miles. In addition under annoying but less severe issues the CD died, the radio croaked, the power seats partially failed, I replaced the power antenna, a vanity light/mirrir fell from the sun visor in my lap, and a bunch of trim is either fading badly and/or falling off. And I do take good professional care of all my neglect.

I am spoiled by years of dead-reliable Honda products, including 3 bikes, a Civic S (105K miles original EVERYTHING including tires, battery and clutch), an '89 Accord that I bequeathed to my college daughter and then sold at 280k miles, and my current S2000. From all descriptions the 240 D sounds like the Rock of Gibralter. I am pleased to hear all this.
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