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Swapping suspension from w126 to w140

I want to duplicate the ride of the w140se on my 1990 560 sel. I've thought of grafting said suspension on to my w126. What's involved here? Is it doable? Has anyone done this kind of thing before? I also intend to install amg 18" rims 8.5 front 9.5 rear, and lower the car 1.25 inches. Can I achieve the same effect using aftermarket shocks and struts? Reason for this: the interior noise level was unbearably high for me when I lowered my 1985 500sel using Voigtland springs and RH 17" rims, Eagle 235 x 45 X17 tires all the way around. I felt every pebble on the road. I welcome all suggestions or word of wisdom on this before I embark on yet again another project. Mine has the Zender ground effects when I bought it, but the old 16" rims don't cut it.
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