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Question What's this extra HOOK on my 1989 420SEL for?

First, a thank you to all of you regulars... Since I stumbled onto this forum a few weeks ago, I've been spending more time UNDER my 1989 420SEL than IN it!!! I've learned a huge amount from everyone's postings, and am enjoying my Benz more as a result of your combined efforts.

I can't seem to find an answer on the boards regarding the purpose of a structural component on my W126. Hopefully, someone will be able to help me out:

Specifically, on the car's frame at the tailpipe, there are TWO hooks. (One is to the left of the catalytic box, the other is behind the catalytic/tailpipe assembly--opposite the rear bumper). The hook on the left serves as a hanger from which is suspended a flexible rubber piece. The rubber piece in turn supports the tailpipe/catalytic assembly of the muffler.

HERE'S MY QUESTION (finally... WHAT IS THE SECOND HOOK FOR (the one in the rear)??? In my situation, it's not doing anything (i.e. there's nothing attached to it.) Should it have another one of those rubber thingees on it to provide additional support to the tailpipe assembly? Or does it serve some other purpose?

1991 560SEL-Euro (165,000 miles)
1989 420SEL (Retired from daily use at 325,000 miles; Use as donor vehicle)
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