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Well turns out it was too good to be true. The seller balked at me taking it to a dealer and I had a bad feeling in my gut so I walked away. It was certainly too good to be true with an asking price of 22500. We also saw that it had been hit on the drivers side bumper, the hood did not line up, and it had been repainted. No frame damage, but the weird thing was that one of the blades on the fanblade was missing a big chunk, weird. The shroud was intact and all the screws lined up on the engine compartment body.

Im currently looking at a 1990 300SL. Im a little dissapointed in not having the V8. Any opinions on the 300SL's? Are they fairly quick? Worth the money? The one I am looking at is in great condition, 60k miles and is thru a dealer friend at $17,900. The one thing Im afraid of is how the 3.0 engine will pull 4k lbs of weight.

For my money what do you guys think I should look at? Iwould like a somewhat fast, sporty feel. I have about 20k to spend.

Thanx much!
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