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Can anybody help?

Surprised there have been no comments. Really could use some direction for this weekend.
Thanks in advance.

Stumbling under high rpm load
My '91 420 SEL (199,500 miles) idles and drives smoothly but has recently developed a hesitation or intermitent stumbling when accelerating hard. It is most noticable at higher rpms. My mechanic checked the injectors (replaced 1) and could not find any vacuum leaks. I installed new plugs. The old ones showed even combustion. The fuel pumps, gas filters, distributor cap and rotor were all replaced over the last year. I did a check on the resitance of the spark plug wires and found 2 reading 1250 ohms, 5 reading 1300 ohms, and 1 reading 1400 ohms which is out of spec. I think the wires are the problem. Any other ideas?

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