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Evaporator problem? What are symptoms?

Ok, the AC problems a few of you mentioned are concerning me. What are the symptoms if the AC is going out? Heres what he said happened the other day.

He said someone went to test drive it on Thursday, and the AC was working fine when they left on the test drive. On the way back, the AC compressor must have shut off because the air turned to room temperature. Then, right before they got back to the dealership, the AC started working again.

Does this sound like the evaporator?

Thanks for your help. I think even if the evaporator is bad, and cost me a grand to fix, I will buy the price Im getting it, I had alloted a couple of thousand to get it running the way it should be. And right now with the cold starting to sweep into Austin, I havent had need for the AC, so I may put it off until March to fix, unless it also effects the heater.


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