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Re: Evaporator problem? What are symptoms?

Originally posted by 1994C220
... I think even if the evaporator is bad, and cost me a grand to fix, I will buy it...
$1000 is the downpayment on an evaporator fix. Figure a minimum of $2500 for an indie to do it, much more at a dealer.

Also, the evaporator leaking is not a good thing. Without coolant, your AC system is in jeopardy of further complications. If the compressor engages for some reason, it won't have lubricant and will be toast.

If you're used to a C-Class, you're going to be shocked by an early production W140 S-Class. Figure AC repairs and electrical/hydraulic problems. Instrument clusters can be problematic and AC control panels often need attention. Door closers seem to be a common topic, especially among 1992-1994 cars.

Parts prices are a little higher than a C-Class, but not enough to make you notice too badly. The real difference comes in labour charges.

For a choice of a larger Mercedes that will be closer to operating costs to your C-Class, choose a W124 or W210 E-Class. I feel that a late W126 (1991) 560SEL or 420SEL is also a good buy as the purchase price is low and these cars are pretty bullet-proof, especially compared to the early W140 cars.

Among MB nuts, I think you'll find some consensus that the 92/93 W140's can be the most costly cars to operate on an on-going basis.
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