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Thanks Larry. Both your Dad and I are lucky to have survived with perhaps only a scar. Hair no longer grows on half of my wrist due to the burn, but since I wear a watch there now you would never notice.

It was not a happy experience. When the shock hit, I smelled meat burning, like a Barbaque, not knowing that I was the meal! I quickly took my watch off and the burn went through all the skin. Stupid me, I refused to immediately go to the hospital and it got infected. Before the infection went to my heart, I did go to the emergency room after showing a former nurse my wound, and they immediately put me on antibiotics in time.

I never never, ever, never, work on cars with a watch, not even to check the oil dip stick.

'89 420 SEL
'90 300 SEL
'84 300 SD (sold it)
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