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Rain Sensing Wiper Option

I've checked the threads, and didn't find an answer to my question about rain sensing wipers, so I thought I'd post a new thread. I know mine are working, to a degree. (I.E: When its not raining, my windshield wipers are off, and when it is, they go.) However, my question is to the degree they are working. It seems that even if I am in a drizzle, the wipers remain on, with no intermittent operation whatsover. Every once and again, when I first turn the wipers to this option, the wipers will wipe, then stop for an interval (the way I figured this option is supposed to work) then wipe again in light rain/drizzle, only to then begin running all the time. But most of the time its like the wipers are on all the time, no matter how much, or little it is raining. Could I have a faulty sensor. I still have the original windshield, so that should not be an issue, and the glass around the blue sensor is in perfect condition. I'm wondering if this is a widespread issue. I myself have never Rain-X'd the windshield.
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