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More great info every day and even a bit of controversy. As you can tell from the cars I have mentioned I am definitely on the "manual" side of the house. With the S2000 shifting a lot is part of the drill if you want to keep it in the power part of the rev range. The Vtec doesn't open up the valves until about 5500 and it goes to 9 thou in a blink. My Mustangs have been sticks and of course I am a veteran of 4 different 356 Porsches. Both my kids hate automatics and my wife was raised on VW busses and Beetles.

I do get lazy when driving the 850 so although I prefer a manual i would certainly not dismiss a nice automatic if everything else looks good. Don't seem to be a lot of 4-speeds out there for sale though.

Great advise again and thanks.
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