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USA MY '92 W124 vehicles were factory equipped with passenger side air bags in place of the previously standard glove box. To partially compensate for loss of the glove box, a locking storage box was situated in the center console (without a carpet trim piece). This box must be removed in order to access the gear selector surround wood trim's retaining screw.

The storage box's two retaining screws are easily visualized with the box's cover panel in the stored position. A small, ratcheting offset screwdriver (e.g., Sears Craftsman - < $9) will provide the speediest removal of the aft screw. With the screws out, the box is lifted vertically and removed. The gear selector surround wood trim is secured aft with one crosshead screw, located medially. The wood trim is then carefully lifted upwards, disconnecting the power mirror & window switches from their underlying connectors. If clearance with the ashtray's door trim is tight or if there is danger of scratching the new wood during installation, then remove the complete ashtray assembly: first, remove the ashtray insert and visualize two crosshead screws securing the ashtray assembly. Remove those screws and carefully withdraw the assembly; disconnect the power harness prior to full removal. Inspect and transfer switches to the new wood trim; new window switches are not expensive so if any of the existing are questionable, now is the time to renew them. Reassembly is simply the reversal of disassembly.

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