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Head Gasket help on a 190 E 2.6

I have a post up about my 1990 190 E 2.6 not starting. One day of troubleshooting and this is what I have found. Oil in my overflow tank and Zero Compression in the #3 cylinder.

190 E 2.6 won't start

Has anyone ever had a head gasket go out that caused a sudden engine stop? I mean my Benz just died and wouldn't restart. I would have never thought head gasket, but I went over the ignition, gas deliver and relays (OVP and MAS) And they all checked out.

I am pretty sure this is the head gasket. I have the gasket kit and have lined up a machine shop to do the valves. What am I looking at as a do it yourself job, difficulty wise?

Is there any special tools needed to do this job or make it easier? My torque wrench is terrible. Anyone have any recommendations on a decent European torque wrench. Also do I need a special Head bolt socket and that tool I've seen for the serpentine belt (holding tool that keep the clutch from rotating)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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