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Body style

Thanks for everyones input...I really like the body style of the the 92 and newer S class though...I guess I will just have to rely doing most of the stuff myself. This forum has already saved me thousands, with the help I have received in past problems with my ML320 and my baby body benz....I dont mind and even enjoy doing things myself, so I will tackle anything that isnt too difficult. I dont think I will ever get to the point where I will do some of the things you guys do(engine mounts, transmission rebuilds, etc), but I dont mind digging around and getting dirty looking for that odd vacuum hose, or relay switch.

By the way, Ive run into a snag, and I may not be getting that seems that the dealer has taken back their offer on mine..They were going to give me 7K for mine...and now they are saying 3500. Anyone want to buy a 94 C220 with 121K miles for 6500????
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