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Cool Full instructions :)

Grab close to the center post and pull down. BRACE youself to only pull down about two or three inches as there are wires connecting to the motor. Unplug the wires. The motor is in the mirror unit and at the end of the shaft which is nearest the roof you will find a nut with leather washers under it. These are so the mirror can be manually moved and they do get loose after time in the sun etc. THESE NUTS ARE LOCTITED IN PLACE!! Be carefull when working on this.. You may elect to loosen the nut first and carefully remove the loctite. I used a dental/o-ring pick. The reason for the loctite is that only X amount of tightening should be applied so that the motor/manual movement can still be accomplished. This is a very simple fix. When retightening (still in your hand) just use enough to take the 'play' out and then reinstall the wires (plug AND routing in the clips) replace by pushing back up. I didn't re-loctite mine and I have no problems. I went to a dealer and they told me I can't fix this and to purchase a new one at $447.00 ....Yeah RIGHT!!
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